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Trailer Elements

Box Covers Trailer Elements.png

Trailer Elements - Essential Sounds for Trailer Music Creation

  • Sub Booms x20

  • Boom Ghost x15 [Sub Boom Followed by an Evolving Tail]

  • Impacts x25

  • Whooshes x20

  • Risers x20

  • Downers x15

  • Braams x15

  • Signature Sounds x19 [Pings, Alarms, Psychological,SFX]

  • Atmospheric Drones x20

  • Synth Pulses and Riffs x15

Multiple Formats

  • Kontakt Format Requires Version 5.8.1 or Above **

  • WAV Format – Drag and Drop Audio Files in Any DAW or Video Editing Software

  • Kontakt Powered by The Photosynthesis Engine

**Will Not Work with the Free Kontakt Player**

Library Requires Approx. 1.98gb of Hard drive Space

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